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Jatropha curcas

November 28th, 2010 | Posted by Dhani Satria in Bioenergy - (0 Comments)

Talking about biodiesel, I remember Jatropha curcas plant. This plant claimed to be prospective plant to produce biodiesel. After some promotion indeed this plant can be a good alternative for palm oil. Palm oil is edible but Jatropha oil is non-edible oil so it can’t be eaten. Is it? well I’ve heard there are non toxic Jatropha. They said Jatropha can live in arid/semi arid land where there is no other plant can produce. I do not say can’t grow because I know there are, like grass. If it is true then farmers will get additional income from this.
Above is Jatropha curcas field in my country. I got this picture when I went there some times ago. I’ll post another picture when I found another one :p


November 26th, 2008 | Posted by Dhani Satria in Bioenergy - (0 Comments)

Bioethanol, what is bioethanol? is it the same with ethanol? is it an alcohol? Well from what i’ve read is bioethanol is ethanol obtained from fermentation of material containing starch or sugar such as cassava and molasses. This “Plant Oil” or PO is used to substitute gasoline. Ethanol that can be used as PO is pure, free of water, alcohol (anhydrous alcohol) with 99.5% rate. This fuel then called fuel grade ethanol (FGE). The mixture of FGE and gasoline is called gasohol in my country.

But I have question on that “Plant Oil” term, I think maybe it is used for biodiesel. Biodiesel is from oil so it can be called “Plant Oil” but for bioethanol??? Bioethanol is not from oil…

Reading material: Integrated utilization of Jatropha curcas: road to self sufficient energy village


November 14th, 2008 | Posted by Dhani Satria in Bioenergy - (0 Comments)

Biodiesel refers to a non-petroleum-based diesel fuel consisting of short chain alkyl (methyl or ethyl) esters, made by transesterification of vegetable oil or animal fat (tallow), which can be used (alone, or blended with conventional petrodiesel) in unmodified diesel-engine vehicles[1].
This liquid fuel, diesel like, is prospective to be developed. Biodiesel also has advantages compared to petroleum-based diesel:

  • Environmentally friendly because has better emission than petrodiesel (free sulphur, low smoke number)
  • higher cetane number (>57) thus has better burning efficiency compared to crude oil
  • Have lubricant effect on engine’s piston
  • renewable energy
  • biodegradable[2]


[2]Teknologi bioenergi